staff1 W2S2 [sta:f US stæf] n
4 the staff of life
[: Old English; Origin: stAf 'stick']
1.) ¦(WORKERS)¦ [C also + plural verb British English]
the people who work for an organization
The entire staff has done an outstanding job this year.
They employ a total of 150 staff.
The staff were very helpful.
staff of 10/50 etc
Our department has a staff of seven.
medical/academic/library etc staff
a strike by ambulance staff
one of our longest-serving staff members
member of staff BrE
I'd like to welcome a new member of staff.
on the staff (of sth)
We were both on the staff of the British Film Institute at the time.
on staff AmE
Joan is the only lawyer we have on staff.
staff room/meeting
(=a room or meeting for teachers in a school)
2.) ¦(STICK)¦ plural staves [steıvz]
a) old use a long thick stick to help you walk
b) a long thick stick that an official holds in some ceremonies
3.) ¦(MUSIC)¦ especially AmE the set of five lines that music is written on
= ↑stave
4.) the staff of life
literary bread
In British English, staff can be singular or plural.
In American English, staff is not used as frequently as in British English, and is never followed by a plural verb.
!! You never refer to a person as 'a staff'. Say a member of staff (BrE) or an employee .
staff 2
staff2 v [T usually passive]
to be or provide the workers for an organization
→↑overstaffed, understaffed ↑understaffed
The centre is staffed mainly by volunteers.
>staffing n [U]
staffing levels

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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